Blogging the Brecker Bros. Reunion Tour

I am headed to Europe on Sunday for 20 days with the Brecker Brothers Reunion band, and it is my intention to blog every day about the exciting adventures of a musician on the road! Thrill to the triumph as I superimpose a Gbmaj7#5 on an F-7 chord at a festival in Rotterdam, and weep in sorrow with me as I do my laundry in Albinea.  I’m going to do my best to post at least once every day, so grab some coffee and refresh this screen every 30 seconds!

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  • Steve V. on

    THAT was funny. I’m looking forward to read of your’s and the fellas’ exploits over there. Be safe and have fun. And thanks for the music GW.

  • ed Maeyens on

    I’ll look forward to each and every blog. Thanks for allowing all of us to walk in your shoes through your fingers on this tour.
    Knock ’em dead, eD M

  • Steve Scott on

    That would be an F# demented right?

  • wayne de silva on

    I like when you super impose.

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