Welcome to my webpage! There’s a lot going on here:  a large sampling of the music I make, a number of video performances, bio info, information on what I do, and a blog, which I intend to use as a chronicle of the musings of my unusual mind. Poke through here (be sure to visit the store!), enjoy the music and endure my droll commentary, and join my email list and stay up on my blog and what else is new in my musical universe!

BIG NEWS ITEM #1:  My online video instruction series, www.musicpath.net, is NOW LIVE, with more than 60 video lessons on improvisation, production, mixing, sounds and setups, and a range of information on what I think it takes to become a successful musician in today’s world of music.  There are 3 free lessons and 3 free sample play-along tracks available on the site for you to check out;  pay a visit and see what musicpath.net can do for you!

BIG NEWS ITEM #2: BURN, my iOS rhythm section app, is finally released and ready for download on the App Store! I am thrilled with how this app turned out, and it’s great fun to play with; 3 different grooves, at 2 different tempos each, with both modal bass/keys and changes, each in all 12 keys. Maximum flexibility, maximum propulsion for the shedding musician! Check it out on the link below; it’s priced at $5.99, and with 144 different combinations to play on, that’s…let’s see…carry the one… just a little more than 4 cents per vibe! IF you buy it and dig it, please review it; if you buy it and have ideas for us, let me know! We plan to expand it over time with packages of 3 more grooves (going to start with some “world” stuff, 6/8 feels and so forth) via in-app purchases. Here’s a link to the info page, go forth and BURN!:

 THIRD RAIL will be on tour in Europe, May 22 – June 8, 2014, this time featuring the incredible ETIENNE M’BAPPE on bass!  And in April ’14, we’ll be releasing a smoking live CD from our 12/13 European tour;  check the “Third Rail” link above for more details as they develop!

Three ( Ric Fierabracci, George Whitty and Tom Brechlein ) photographed performing at Alva's in San Pedro on 08/07/10.



FEATURED VIDEO: From THIRD RAIL’s December ’13 tour of Europe, my tune “Do A Little Dance”, live in Köln, Germany:

Happy Birthday, Mike

It was always fun getting Mike Brecker to laugh. Nobody could make him laugh like Randy; we didn’t see them go off all that often, but when they hit it they both got almost paralyzed laughing... Read more

Headed Home…

Sitting in Newark Airport for 7 hours waiting for a standby flight home, damned tired but buzzing in the best way over the last 2 weeks. Ended the tour last night in Prague at one of my favorite jazz... Read more

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