I’ve been editing audio since Sound Tools first emerged in 1990. Hundreds of thousands of edits later, I’ve developed a reputation for doing impossible edits. A disc called “Directions in Music” by Herbie Hancock and Michael Brecker is a good example; dozens of cuts to bring a 115-minute live concert of music at its most sophisticated, with a couple dozen live mics including several hall mics, down to 75 minutes, a project vastly more complex than creating some crossfades. I’ve been tuning and optimizing vocal and instrumental tracks since it was first possible, always with a musician’s sensitivity to the performance and the feel, and am fielding more and more requests to take various tracks, tune and edit them, get a great sound on them, and FTP them back to the client. You might be surprised what’s possible with your “impossible” 2-mix edits, as well. If you think it can’t be done, send it to me.