Track Of The Week: Score demos for “Kiddush Man”

Welcome to the “Track Of The Week”, in which I’m going to try to do a weekly post of some piece of music I’ve worked on, with the back story and the track itself.  I’ve done a lot of tracks at this point (hundreds of CD tracks, hundreds more TV/film cues) and some have some pretty good stories behind them;  a lot of them are damned good music to boot!  One quick note:  you may have noticed that Facebook has started to monkey around with whether, or to whom, they show people’s posts.  So if you like this idea and want to be notified for sure when the next one comes along, sign on to my spam-free mailing list (you can also download a free track from Third Rail’s debut CD) to get a note when a “track of the week” post is released!

Below are two different demos I did for the end sequence in a beautiful short film by Columbia graduate director Yitz Brilliant. The setup here is that there’s this obnoxious kid running around the synagogue, can’t sit still, can’t focus, “always doing the wrong thing”. And there’s a grouchy old man, kind of a needlessly grouchy-seeming old man, who keeps running after and catching him and yanking on his ear for “discipline”. It’s basically a silent film, there’s no dialogue, incredibly well done by a director who understands what makes a film suck you in. And in this end sequence, well, the sequence speaks for itself.  Read more!