Two Hunchbacks


In a small town in Italy, there were once two brothers who were both hunchbacks.  One day, one of the brothers said:  “It is time for me to go out into the world and make my fortune”, and with that, he left his little town and set forth to make his way in the world.  He walked and walked, and long after nightfall, he realized that he was lost in the middle of a dark, dense forest.

“My heavens, anything could happen to me here;  I could be set upon by assassins!  I’d do best to hide myself!”  And with that, he climbed up into a tree to spend the night.  At the stroke of midnight, he was awakened by a sound, and he looked down out of the tree to see a strange sight.  The sound was coming from a hole in the ground, and as he watched, first one old hag emerged, then another, then another, and finally one more.  The hunchback was terribly frightened by this, and as he trembled in his tree, the old hags started to march around the tree singing:

“Saturday and Sunday!
Saturday and Sunday!”
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A Confederacy of Leeches

    This vision of earthly beauty is “Kim Dotcom”:
Dotcom himself
There are hundreds of Kim Dotcoms in the world, all doing the same thing:  getting incredibly rich by depriving tens of thousands of artists, and hundreds of thousands more who work (or worked) in the film and music businesses of their livelihoods by running a “file-sharing” website.  And then rubbing it in those artists’ faces by splattering the web with pictures of how “successful” they are.