Headed Home…

Sitting in Newark Airport for 7 hours waiting for a standby flight home, damned tired but buzzing in the best way over the last 2 weeks. Ended the tour last night in Prague at one of my favorite jazz joints, Agharta, which occupies a space that was built in the 14th century. It was built at ground level but is now a couple stories underground; Prague has simply built up above it. So much of what I love about Europe. What a really great couple weeks; completely blew right past my fondest wishes. Thank you TOM BRECHTLEIN, the perfect combination of power, finesse and musicianship on the Schlagzeugs and a feckin’ hoot in the van, and JANEK GWIZDALA, a musician of great dimension and inspiration onstage and another feckin’ hoot in the van. Every night was more fun than the last; I multi-tracked most of the gigs and we’ll be mixing up a live CD from this tour. And we have to give a shout to Luzia Fecke, the agent who actually booked us because she LOVED THE MUSIC and had faith that we could get over. Imagine THAT in this cynical world! Thanks to everybody who came out to the gigs; great audiences all. We will most definitely see you again next year with some new music and a CD to release!

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