Chapter 4: We have taken Stockholm


Well, first off, let’s start with the REALLY BIG NEWS:  For everyone who’s ever been mean to me, or hurt my feelings, or ripped me off, you can EAT MY SHORTS!   Sorry, SUCKERS:  I just got notified by email that I HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR THE 2013 EDITION OF EXECUTIVE WHO’S WHO!  It is so wonderful to finally be recognized by such a prestigious, meticulous organization for all my accomplishments.  “An elite cohort of the most dynamic and successful entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of success”, it says.  And further down the page, I can “Register now to join this exclusive corps of 10,000 accomplished women just like me!”

Not that I need to bother playing music any more now that I’ve joined 10,000 accomplished women just like me, but gee our first gig over here was a hell of a lot of fun, as it always is with these musicians.
Above is a picture of the view from behind my chair in the hall in Cordoba, a typically great space to play.  Great audience, and we played a remarkably clam-free set on only a couple hours of rehearsal on Randy’s none-too-easy music.  This record of Randy’s (should be out in the next few months) is a total blast to play live.  He always puts a ton of meat on the bone with his tunes;  there’s never just a “vamp in G”.  And the genius of his writing is that, for all the incredibly unusual harmony he writes, if you misplay a note in any of them, you ruin it.  Keep an eye out for the CD/DVD, coming soon!

   My grandfather always used to talk about “brain food”;  I think he would have gotten a laugh out of this menu item from Cordoba:
Gotta head over to Fasching, the jazz club here in Stockholm, for soundcheck. The last time I was here my kidney stone was very bad and I did 2 shows on Vicodin. I hope I was wearing pants.

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  • Alec Berfield on

    Chuckle! I played a gig sans pantalones once. Did 14 months in the hoosegow for public indecency. The entire time I was incarcerated I thought it was for the vamp in G clam bake. Actually more like attempting to put an oyster in a slot machine. Nice view! Rock on my son!

  • Tom Riviere on

    Hi,George.I did not know that you were in Stockholm,Sweden where I leave.I could have gone to see you.Maybe next time.

  • Tom Brechtlein on

    Great blog George!!!
    Please don’t get a sex change because of being one of 10,000 accomplished women!
    Have a great tour man!

    • George on

      Hey, Tommy! Met a woman at Northsea that said she’s been talking to Lucia about our tour in November. Sounds like she’s working hard on it!

  • Stan on

    Loved the Who’s Who story! Bahaha! Make sure to say hi to everyone for me, and have a blast! Is Stella on the road with you? lol

    • George on

      Stella is safely ensconced with Ada’s folks in Italy. Which is good, because Randroid has been ordered by the courts to stay at least 500 miles away from small children.

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